The 2019 Hog Wild Run will take place in Sturgeon Bay and begin at Martin Park. This years division will be:


Mens/Women 5k


Mens/Women 10k


Kids Run ages 4- 9


Participants will be broke up in age groups and all participants will recieve a t-shirt.


This is beautiful run that will route right along the bay which makes for a scenic route.


More information to follow as it gets near

Hog Wild Run Tips


Goal for Saturday: Keeping everyone safe


Here are some suggestions to run in unpleasant race conditions.


  Wear shirts made of "technical" fabric that wicks away moisture from the body.


Avoid cotton, which soaks up moisture and gets heavy, and if you wear layers,

choose light layers that you can shed during the race.


 Avoid cotton socks; wear socks of thin fabric that wick away moisture.


 Wear a trash bag or moisture repellent poncho while waiting for the race to begin;discard it when the race starts.


 Have a friend or family member bring dry clothes and dry socks for you to change into halfway through the race, and after the race.


 Wear a body lubricant or Vaseline to reduce blistering and chafing.


 Consider wearing a cap or jacket made of breathable fabric, and gloves if the air is cold.


 When running, avoid metal manhole covers and painted white lines on streets,which can become slick in wet weather.


       Make sure that you always watch for traffic as we have not blocked off the whole route as logics make it impossible at this time.



Hog Wild Run Rain Plan


There is no way to possibly control or predict the weather on race day. With June being sometimes hot and a race run on pavement at times makes conditions worse.


-       We have a plan in place that will adjust the time of the races if rain is present.


-       There may be no option, however we have a weather spotter on staff that will monitor conditions. There are no refunds in case of severe weather and the race is cancelled.  Again adjustments can be made in times to accommodate better running conditions.


-       We have done our best to have as many water stations as possible along the route. Please make sure you are prepared for warm weather by staying hydrated.


-       Staff will be roaming throughout the route medical issues along with any other issues that arise.


-CJ Promotions LLC